Our goals-based planning process informs every aspect of our offerings at Eagleton Brown Investment Group. There isn’t just one right way to do investment planning, which is why we customize our services for each and every client. Read below to learn more about the timeless ways we partner with our clients!

Building Wealth

Eagleton Brown will create a plan that can help you stay focused, plan for challenges, and make choices that work for you when building your retirement nest egg.

College Savings Plans

Saving up for your child’s college education doesn’t have to interfere with retirement goals. Find out how 529 plans and trust funds may work for you.

401(k) Options

Did you know almost 1/5th of all Americans workers have money in old retirement accounts? Eagleton Brown Investment Group can help you with your retirement options.

Retirement Income Analysis

We utilize the exclusive Envision® Process to align our advice with your unique life goals during the distribution phase of your retirement.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

An IRA lets you save for your retirement and take advantage of tax benefits. Find out ideas on how we can help you reach your retirement goals with an IRA.

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