Bedrock Beliefs

Your Goals Drive Our Recommendations

Our first and most timeless commitment is to discover your goals and then design an investment strategy, not the other way around. We won’t tell you where the market is going to go because prognostications, forecasts and fads are for the talking heads. Eagleton Brown Investment Group relies on investment facts that never change.

No Market Timing

We anchor our advice on bedrock beliefs that stay consistent regardless of shifting conditions.

4 Arrows of Investing

Instead of relying on market timing, we filter our investment recommendations through the 4 Arrows. We will always consider your tax situation, reduce your fees, mitigate your risk, and maximize your return.

5-Year Rule

Eagleton Brown follows the 5-year rule. But what does that mean? Any money that will be spent in less than 5 years should be in safe-money investments like bonds or cash. Money that will be spent in more than 5 years goes into stocks.

To maximize your return, we seek to minimize Risk, Taxes, and Fees

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